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The Docket Man is a bookkeeper who will take the time to personally explain all your account keeping needs in an easy-to-understand way. We can free you from the paperwork cluttering your desk and give you some precious time back.

The Docket Man is an owner-operated Mackay bookkeeping company, run by Gary Mason. For more than 15 years, Gary has been working closely with clients - contractors, graziers and small businesses - helping them keep book work
in order.

Do you find yourself sifting through shoe boxes full of receipts when you need to catch up on book work for your business? Are you watching online videos to try and get your head around bookkeeping software? It's time to call The
Docket Man.

Gary can help get your books in order, helping you catch up when you are behind with your book work. He can help you in moving to computerised bookkeeping. As a flexible mobile service in Walkerston, The Docket Man can come to you to help sort through piles of receipts and coffee- stained invoices.
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